Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spontaneous Rendezvous.

{please excuse the horrible photo arrangement...blogger is sooo frustrating!}

12:15-my english class starts
12:30-Gavin: hey what are you doing at 2?
12:35-Me: getting out of class and eating lunch, why?
12:36-Gavin: my parents aren't using their les miserables tickets, do you want them? show starts at 2.
12:38-Me: Mom!!! wanna go to les mis right now??
12:39-Mom: YES!!!
12:40-Me: Gav! We want them!

and so begins the day of spontaneity and wonderfulness. i booked it out of class so fast, but realized i was still in scrubs from my morning shift at work. mom raced to my house and i ripped off my clothes, found the first skirt and shirt that matched and ran out the door with my boots in hand. we drove as fast as we could to salt lake city and got there right at 2. {we had to drive 70 mph the whole way, despite our rush because we got stuck in the oldandgutless car.} we still had to park so we missed the first ten minutes, sadly, but the remaining 3 hours were incredible! it was opening day, and it was fantastic. i have wanted to see it for sooo long! the music was absolutely amazing.

after the show we walked a couple blocks over for an early lunch at MARKET STREET GRILL. they have delicious fish and chips, and i hear their clam chowder is todiefor {according to my mother}. my personal favorite is the market street house dessert. its comprised of vanilla bean haagen-dazs, sabayon sauce {bitter rum custard}, and fresh berries. Delicious!

then we stopped over to Gateway for some Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters goodness. I snagged a cute $20 skirt at anthro, and my mom got a really cute light switch cover. overall, the day was a success. great entertainment, good food, wonderful atmosphere, and delightful company. i loved exploring SLC with "the mama".

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sometimes you just need mom time.

Tonight I was craving some mom time. It seems like this past two weeks I haven't gotten nearly as much of her as I have wanted. Today I got to meet her at the hospital for lunch during her break...there is something so wonderful about my mom. We have a ritual of getting cheeseburgers from the cafeteria, because we know the salad bar would be a healthier choice-but we also know that we would never be satisfied unless we have those delicious battered fries. Even when we don't talk about anything in particular, we connect on such a deep level. I love my mom. Tonight, she came to get me a little bit after ten just to go on a drive with me. We ended up going to get a reese's shake at JCW's. Delish. She even shared the chunks with me at the bottom. I think that is what is so great about mom's, they are so good at sharing. I love going on drive's with my mom, talking about the fun new design blogs I have discovered, and thinking of ways we can be creative together. Tonight was perfect. Just some quality mom and daughter time that I desperately needed.

{this is my cool mom jumping my car for the second time in two days. she even knows how to do it without shocking herself. she is pretty awesome like that.}

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"i'm bored...fix it."

This weekend was filled with lots of wonderful events. Friday I got to hang out with some of my bestest friends, Gavin and his wife Lacey. We went on a big group date and had a wonderful time! What can be better than good company, La Jolla Groves, and Yogurtland all put together in one night?

Saturday was all sorts of craziness. I woke up early in the morning and went to our Stake Relief Society Day of Service. We were reminded that as we serve we forget ourselves and increase our happiness. Afterward, I raced up to my good friend, Heather's, baby shower. She has little boy Cohen on the way. I am so excited for her and Kevin to be parents! {Kevin just finished the MCAT so luckily he will get to enjoy the last few weeks of Heathers pregnancy before Cohen comes!}

{cutest "wish" tree at Heather's shower}

After the shower, a bunch of us went up to the National College Rugby Championship game. We got to watch BYU battle it out with Cal for the title, unfortunately we lost. There's always next year! The game was still a lot of fun and the boys played hard. We set a record for largest college rugby crowd in the United States with 13,000 fans in attendance!

{my roommie Karen and I at the game!}

A couple days later, I made another trip to Yogurtland. It was heaven. This time my lovely friend Alyssa came. She always knows just how to make me laugh. She just got her mission Anchorage, Alaska! I'm so excited for her, but I will miss her terribly.

{Alyssa wearing my glasses. <3}

Now back to the monotony of the week. Looking forward to another weekend. Hopefully it brings as much happiness as the last one.

Monday, May 16, 2011

sunday nights.

I have a pretty wonderful family. We get together every Sunday night at my grandparents house. Tonight was my cousin, Lily's, birthday.
She turned 4! Luckily she decided she could wake up from her nap and take some birthday pictures and enjoy her cake.

I also went on a Sunday walk with my mother and grandma. I snapped a picture of my grandma but she wasn't very happy with me for it. I told her "to consider it blogged" and my mom laughed. Hence the laughing picture of my beautiful mother. Sometimes she thinks I am funny. Usually she is the only one. To stay in the will (family joke...), I refrained from posting the picture of my grandma. It was a lovely walk with delicious lilacs.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

can't stop.

I have a confession to make. I have an obsession.

Nothing sounds good anymore.
{especially on the days I have my cadaver dissection class}
All my taste buds want is some cold, refreshing
frozen yogurt.
It sure does cleanse the pallet.
Nothing quite as delicious as some plain and blueberry tart twist.

i love you.

my sweet alyssa posted about me on her awesome blog. complete with an awesome picture that makes me look like a medieval floating madonna with a crown on. why did photoshop have to be invented? I guess we are even now. although i'm not sure if i have convinced her of this yet. i just had to share the piggy face picture. it was too good to keep to myself.


photos of my favorite alyssa girl. they don't do her justice. i just love her.

rainy days and late nights.

Sometimes I forget to blog. But tonight, as my roommate alyssa was reading my posts out loud to me I decided I should start blogging again (i didn't want to tell her the name of my blog but she discovered it anyway). I have to say that it is weird having your old thoughts read to you. I kind of feel silly. Please forgive me. But as she read to me she stumbled upon a post from when I was taking spring classes last year. I talked about how hard it was to focus. Well take that and times it by a million and that is how I have felt today. School just shouldn't be allowed after walking for graduation. Especially when one of the necessary courses to take is freshman english. Really? Don't get me started. (I have to take it because grad schools won't accept my AP score to fulfill the requirement. Why did I even take it then??!?!?!) Anyway, here is to making it through the last month of undergraduate life. Days like today will make it possible. Here is a list of my days events to give you an idea of how awesome my life is sometimes:
  • slept in (not telling you how late)
  • put in some laundry...still needs to be folded 12+ hours later
  • ate a bowl of captin crunch berries (i know its sugary and bad for me...but i still love them every once and a while)
  • showered
  • lounged in my robe and did some more laundry and blog stalking
  • decided to get dressed
  • plopped on the couch with my computer and a heating pad (my house is freezing sometimes)
  • got some necessary things done online
  • ate lunch with my roommate kendis
  • went to my marriage and family class with alyssa
  • laughed the whole night with alyssa
  • went to a church activity (alyssa and i continued to be awkward and laugh the whole time there)
  • diet coke run
  • more computer time
  • late night trip to grandma's for delicious rice pudding
yup, pretty much an ideal rainy day to put off actual productivity a little longer.

p.s. today one of my teachers said that my writing was a little stuffy. awesome.