Thursday, April 5, 2012

easter surprise.

today had a lot of mini-miracles. despite a crazy day at the office--i still had energy. that alone is a miracle. {it seems these days i never find the time or ability to sleep.} so to feel awake all day at work is amazing. the second miracle came when my on-call shift at j.crew wasn't used. i had been 99.9% sure that they would need me tonight, so when they told me no i could not have been happier. but the best of all best surprises? my easter surprise from my sweet mama. oh how i love her. she is my best friend and knows me so well. what was the surprise you are wondering?!
i have the fondest memories of wearing these cute, comfy and practical sandals as a little girl. i am soooo excited to begin a new summer and make new memories in my saltwaters {this time around i feel much older, but somewhere in there is the same little girl}. i tried them on the second i figured out what was in the package, and instantly fell in love with them all over again. i even frantically ran upstairs to show my roommate...and then downstairs to show two more in the kitchen! none of them had worn or heard of them before, so my excitement over such a simple sandal was probably a little strange. but they are just so fantastic. {they will be perfect with painted summer toes and glorious sandy beaches...just thinking ahead to my vacation to Duck Beach in May!} isn't it wonderful how mothers know just what their daughters need at just the right time? i have been feeling a little sad that i won't be home for easter this year. it's really one of my favorite holidays. it's so peaceful and a time where i can reflect on my Savior and His love for me. the gift of His atonement is the most incredible thing in the world. usual easter festivities include church, an egg hunt with the kiddos {where sometimes i get to pretend i am still young enough to find the magically hidden eggs that the easter bunny has brought} and dinner with the whole family at grandma's...and while i will be away from my family this year, i am lucky to have the blessing of being with them for eternity.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

runners high.

{view on memorial bridge looking at the lincoln and washington monument.}

this was the gorgeous view of the city i had on my run tonight.
there really is nothing quite like a
runners high.
especially when the sun is shining and warm on my skin
i get to look at a view as incredible as this.

plus it fixed my two day migraine.

Monday, March 26, 2012


*disclaimer: it has been forever since i have posted. i am aware. but we will pretend like it hasn't so i can tell you about my wonderful weekend with melissa and not feel guilty for all the other things i have left out.

so M came to town this weekend. and let me just tell you, it was delightful. she was a little piece of home and comfort that i greatly needed. in the same wonderful way, i was a little piece of vacation and escape that she needed. there is something so wonderful about an old, lifelong friend. no matter how many days, weeks, or months you go without talking you can always pick up where you left off. M and i have always had that kind of friendship. the second she came into my life i felt she had been there forever.

it was a fast weekend, but we made the best of it. some of our dc events included: pizza here with a series of random adventures throughout the city, brunch at the Hamilton with a lovely and lively group of girls {we enjoyed incredible wheat and oat pancakes with cinnamon apples and maple syrup}, a trip to the American History museum to see the dresses of the First Lady's {even Michelle Obama's inauguration gown}, and a late night run for froyo. we finished off the weekend with a perfect sunday afternoon in the city--cherry blossoms, MLK memorial, and the most magical art exhibit at the Hirshhorn gallery, and a walk through adam's morgan and woodley park til we rested our tired feet at my new favorite place.

the weekend was polished off with hours of thought provoking conversation and lighthearted laughter. i just love my M. thanks for coming and spending the weekend with me. i am so glad you picked dc to potentially go to grad school. great idea.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

a passing thought.

do you ever walk the same path...
on a regular basis?
almost daily.
but then one day,
have you ever walked on the other side of the sidewalk?
it's a completely different perspective.
the light falls differently between the buildings.
your feet trip on new cobblestones.
the view of your surroundings
becomes unfamiliar.