Sunday, May 25, 2008


so last night me and some other friends went up to canyon glen park to have a bonfire. we had just started our perfectly built tee pee-scout fire, with a little help from our friend "gasoline", and we were all enjoying the glowing heat of the flames, when out of nowhere this guy just storms down a dirt hill, over our pile of wood that was yet to be burned, and through our tee pee, through the fire that was still burning on the dirt, and away. what would possess someone to do that? stupid. i don't understand what goes through peoples minds sometimes. but the rest of the evening was quite nice despite our struggles to reconstruct our fire to its initial magnificence. i love fires. but somehow i always think that i can walk away after not smelling like smoke, like somehow this time is different and it magically won't adhere itself to my skin, clothes, and worst of all hair. i have yet to come across a fire that can resist.