Thursday, December 18, 2008


so i recently felt really guilty about not finishing my posts from the final experiences italy had to offer. as well as the things i ran into during my last week traveling with lynzie in paris and london. so i will change that soon. i have been working on some entries with lots of stories and tons more brain pushing moments. my heart is beginning to long for italy. it has started to sink in that it will never be the same again. even if i were to go back to visit, the circumstances can never be recreated. i will never be with the most wonderful set of 24 girls. never will Peter serve as a teacher, father, priesthood figure, protector, philosophical discussion leader, etc. all at the same time. never living, actually living in siena. attending school with crazy italian, yet lovable teachers. as annoying as it was, crappy internet found at a contrada fountain in the middle of a busy street. so many nevers. yet, i hope that some day i will get to revisit the places i grew to love and feel the connection i have to them stronger than ever. my heart grew in italy. as i reflect on my time spent there i realize how much i changed, yet how much it just reinforced the things in me i already knew were there.