Wednesday, April 30, 2008


so i decided that i am going to start a blog. i came to this decision for many reasons...some being:
  1. i am a horrible, and i mean horrible, journal keeper
  2. i want to blog about italy in the fall, mostly for my family and friends to cut down on the emailing
  3. it's a nice way to express my thoughts and feelings
  4. peer-pressure
  5. pleasure
i am starting a new adventure this summer. i have completed a year of college, experienced life away from parents and home, and learned that life is quite different in the real world. what do i mean by real world? the world that isn't filled with trivial things the majority of the time, such as "oh my gosh, that girl has on the same shirt as me, i must go home and change after 4th period...", or "hmm, i think i want a lexus for my 16th birthday instead of a bmw". but instead is filled with a wonderful multifariousness of thoughts and ideas. having the option and fluidity of seeing people you really care about versus seeing the same people every day because of routine is quite incredible. this summer i will venture life with a full time job. i think i will have to develop a stamina for spending all day with the stress that comes from assisting doctors, but i do love what i do so i believe it will come easily. the thought of having work and not homework is a beautiful one, however. my motivation for work this summer will be the reward i get at the end of august. a full three months in the city of sienna, italy. i can hardly wait to walk down the cobblestone sidewalks with gelato in hand and sketchbook and paints in my bag. it will be a time of utter i completely look forward to.

i got my passport today. who would have thought that paying $116 dollars for a picture that doesn't show your teeth and a book with some stamps in it would be so exciting? i guess it is what comes from that little picture that holds the real meaning. this means i can travel the world. this means i can experience life outside of happy valley, and outside of my comfort zone. i can experience culture and beauty in a place filled with all of the above.