Sunday, June 19, 2011


A couple weeks ago I entered a giveaway on the cutest blog love and photographs. I started reading Stacy's blog when a friend of mine had it open in class a couple months ago. I quickly discovered that I loved it, and I think you will too. Anyway, she had a giveaway for a free Brazilian Blowout...and guess what? I won. Ya, I know. I screamed for 5 minutes. I got it done this week from Kristi at Stewart Palmer Salon in Provo. I am in love. Below are some before and after photos. The straight hair was achieved with only a round brush and blow dryer. No flat iron needed! My curl isn't gone all the way, but it is much shinier and way easier to manage. No frizz on this head!

Incidentally, Thursday was also the day I officially finished school at BYU. I have loved my time there, and I have to admit that I was feeling a bit nostalgic when I was studying in the library for the last time as an Undergraduate student. I snapped a few photos on my way through campus Wednesday night:

And last but not least, I will NEVER have to stand in line at the testing center ever again. Now that is a happy thought!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today was a good day. I got fresh hot cookies, not only once--but twice. A batch made by my mother, and a batch made by my grandma. Both delicious and comforting in an indescribable way. My mom's taste buttery and chocolatey and rich. My grandma's taste like sweet cinnamon and oatmeal. Both chocolate chip, but completely unique. What is it about a cookie that makes us {in "us" I mean I am hoping there are others that are in love with cookies as much as I am}. I think this clip from Stranger Than Fiction displays how I feel when I eat a hot cookie perfectly. Its like love is baked right in.

(please excuse the poor quality, it is the only one youtube had of this clip!)


Tonight I embarked on a homework trip with Alyssa. We went to the studio on campus. Late nights usually aren't my most productive times. All I want to do is play.

Alyssa is amazing and helped me and some friends with a group project earlier. She helped us morph our idea of a mock magazine cover into reality! Her magic photoshop and illustrator fingers impressed us all. Here is the inspiration for our idea:

Here is our idea made a reality:

The project was to create some sort of poster or visual image of an argument from one of the member's research papers. Our argument is that the media is not the only source to blame for young girls developing anorexia/eating disorders. I think it turned out pretty well, thanks to Alyssa! Our group owes her big time!

p.s. If you want a good laugh, read this article Alyssa and I discovered the other day. We have been laughing ever since.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Can't sleep...

It's been one of those days. One of those days when your eyes tear up for no reason, there's not really anything tangible to put into words to explain why you feel kind of down. Have you had one of those? Well now to top it off, I'm homesick for Italy. It feels like a lifetime since I've walked those cobblestone streets and listened to the melodic rhythm of the language. I miss Siena. I miss it always, but I'm always a little surprised when I start missing it as much as I do now.