Sunday, October 16, 2011


Remember how I live on the 18th floor?

Well. Wanna know my favorite thing about being up so high up?

Apart from the amazing views and incredible sunsets...

I love taking the garbage to the "rubbish" chute.

I even have to wait for it to drop

It makes a delightful sliding, falling, crashing noise. It is wonderful.

While I'm at it I should also share something kind of neat. Sometimes when I am in the elevator going down, my ears pop. That means I live really really really high. Just thought you should know.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Rooftop Magic

The last two weeks have been heavenly. I got to fly home for my gorgeous cousins wedding and spend some time with family back in Provo. Unfortunately, the garden reception they had planned had to be moved inside due to rain and temperatures in the 40's. Luckily their neighbors offered their ultra chic, modern house for the event and it turned out lovely! I will post some pictures soon.

Well, I got back to DC late Wednesday night. It had been two weeks since I had seen my friend Kendis, so naturally Thursday nights plans revolved around us getting together. We went to Dupont Circle to Panera for a bagel and hot cocoa. It was delicious. Our night got a little interesting when we got off the metro and rode the escalator out into the pouring, monsoon style rain. We were soaked in .2 seconds. (We are both brilliant and left our umbrellas at home. I know, we are ridiculous.)

After we dried off, ate our snacks, and waited for the rain to stop we decided to pay a visit to our friend Ryan. Ryan is way cool, and happens to have the most amazing rooftop view at his apartment. The three of us sat on a park bench playing random songs we pulled up on youtube. We listened to this, this, and this to name a few. The moon was to die for, and we even figured out that Jupiter was the bright shiny ball next to the moon in the sky (thanks to my handy googlesky app!). From his roof we had a view of the Capitol dome, and the Washington Monument. The night was delightful and just what I needed. I fell a little bit more in love with DC (and felt kind of at home since one of my most favorite places in Provo is the top of the Wells Fargo Parking Garage. Turns out I kind of have a thing for rooftops.).