Wednesday, December 28, 2011

jet lag.

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so there is this wonderful thing called jet lag. it makes me want to eat hummus and m&m's at 2 am while sipping on a diet coke. even after a 12 hour work day. what the?! i wanna know why. but nevertheless, it's been an enjoyable couple of late night hours. even if i regret it in the morning (and tomorrow night at work...ugh).

i decided since i was up i might as well document some of my trip home for the holidays. it was fabulous.
need i say more?
probably not. but i will anyway.
one of my favorite days was when my mom and i drove up to Sundance to take my little brother Konnor snowboarding.
since we were lucky enough to sneak away alone, we decided to make a little date of it.
we ordered a turkey bacon avocado and perused the catalog store.
it was delightful.
i kind of love my mom.
a lot.
she is my bestest friend.

can you tell i am homesick already?

{photos from my phone on our little adventure up the canyon.}

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday Brunch

so last sunday lauren and i decided to have sunday brunch together. can i just say that it was delicious?? church was bright and early (8 am!) and let me just tell you folks, that is really early on a sunday. hopefully no one noticed the glass baking dish, butter, and syrup i had stashed in my purse (ok, maybe it is the size of a small suit case. i like a big bag!) we made a mad dash to lauren's after church and enjoyed yummy german pancakes and fresh blueberries. i loved cooking again. my kitchen has been getting remodeled for 6 weeks now, and i have really been missing it. there is something so therapeutic and rewarding in cooking. anyway, after a little nap we headed out to a christmas concert at the daughter's of the american revolution building in DC. welllllll, after looking for a parking spot (and being kicked out of one because we weren't "military personnel" do they know?!) for 30 minutes we gave up. we decided we should take advantage of already being in the city and ended up driving up to the national cathedral. it was breathtaking! there is something so incredible about old cathedrals and temples. it just amazes that they were built with someone's hands. we also found a really cool school behind the cathedral that i just had to have a picture with. i just love lauren, and i am so grateful i got to spend the day with her! we had a blast just having girl talk and exploring the city together. hopefully more days like this to come since we will live within walking distance of each other come january! yay!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lucky 100.

So it's randomly my 100th post. and it just so happens to be a post about one of the most

nights of my life. I really can't find the words to describe it accurately. But, I will try. It started out lovely as I met my sweetest friend Kendis for an Italian dinner near McPherson Square. It has been three years since we have been home from Italy, and not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about it. After dinner Kendis had a surprise event planned. Based on her excitement I knew it was going to be something wonderful. But I never imagined what was in store. When she handed me my ticket and I saw the name "Andrea Bocelli" I literally jumped up and down and screamed. I am sure everyone around me thought I was an idiot for not knowing where I was and what I was going to. Let me tell you, my ears and soul have never been happier. It was a night filled with utter beauty. What a talented, humble, sweet person Andrea is. It was the most perfect night with my girl. I am so sad she is leaving the District, but I am happy for what life has in store for her next. My little heart just might not be able to handle life without her, but I am so happy we got to soak up Andrea Bocelli together for a night. I will never forget it.